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PITCH Your Business In Our


Pitch Your Business or IDEA, gain valuable feedback and solve your biggest questions for 2023 in just

3 hrs.

Pitch Your Business or IDEA and get hugely valuable feedback from experts.

Just 10 places to join Mike Handcock for 3 hours of High-Level Masterminding to see your Business and Life set up for an awesome 2023.

  • SOLVED: How to deal with multiple projects, deadlines and overwhelm

  • SOLVED: How to get more qualified high ticket prospects in front of you

  • SOLVED: How to SCALE your business in a market that has been tough for years

  • SOLVED: Outsourcing - How to build team and transfer skills easily to free your time

  • SOLVED: What marketing system works, is cost effective and takes little time 

  • SOLVED: Do you really need social media and if so what is right for you this year?

What is a Mastermind Group

"First of all, it is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”

Napoleon Hill - Think & Grow Rich

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ONLY 10 people at each event. Some events may be sold out so Act Quickly

*Note: Nothing is 'For Sale' at the Mastermind.

 This is NOT a pitch.

**Disclaimer on signing-up for a Mastermind session, you agree that any photo's taken of yourself at the Mastermind may be used for marketing via our various platforms**


The mastermind is a facilitated 3 hrs of relevant topical current content, with your questions answered. You will be given 3 minutes to pitch your business and receive feedback on your clarity, engagement, novelty and the likelihood of creating attraction from clients. We spend the balance of time Masterminding answers to everyone's questions that they bring to the room. 

Places will be limited to 10 per Mastermind.

Our aim is that by the time you leave - you are much more equipped to be successful in the coming months... Simple

Oh... and what do we get...

...connected and on the ground information from YOU and your Marketplace.

Common Topics people want to mastermind are: How to Sell More, Get More Effective Marketing, Get on Purpose, Build Team, Outsource, Get Rid of Overwhelm, Manage Time, Competitive Strategies...

Global Mastermind since 2016

Why Are These Masterminds Happening?

We have run over 200 Masterminds in more than 20 countries live since 2016. In 3 hrs we can get to the root of core issues that are holding you back from the success you most richly deserve. We know from the feedback that we can get you MAJOR results and insights in just a few hours. In 2022 we added your ability to pitch your business and get feedback from our facilitators, who have judged Entrepreneur X Factor Globally and Dragons Den Singapore.

Why Only $19.95?

We facilitate these Masterminds to bring people and ideas together and the results are phenomenal, we charge a small fee as it illustrates an exchange of energy, which brings the right feel into the room with the right people. 



Stephen Leslie - Wellington

"I got more out of that session than all the other things I've done (combined) over the last 5 years. The great thing was that it reaffirmed a lot of the thinking I'd already been through on my own, but it also identified a number of specific things I now need to focus on to make positive change.

So sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Milton Louw - Windhoek

"I attended the Mastermind session in Windhoek yesterday. What a great experience. Small number of highly motivated entrepreneurs and great facilitators."

Wayne Baird - Auckland

There are a handful of people, outside of family, I've met in my life that have had a major influence on the person I am today. Mike Handcock is one of them. His knowledge and experience is second to none. Mike asks great questions and has many times allowed me to find the clarity I've wanted to allow me to make awesome life changing decisions. Since meeting Mike back in 2012 I can honestly say he has helped me grow in many ways. Personally, professionally and spiritually. If the opportunity arises for you to spend time with him I recommend you do it. It may be just the meeting that changes your life as it has for me.

Richard Hall - Durban

"I honestly wondered what I would get for R199, but I have to say it blew me away. One of the best decisions I ever made."

Alex Donaghy - Auckland

"Wow, This was simply the best event I have been to. I can't stop thinking about it. The information and people I met were amazing"

Pamela Church - Denver

"You and Landi have reignited my passion for entrepreneurship after my online business starting to feel like a huge struggle to nowhere for a couple of months. When I called my husband all I could say was 'WOW!' I got more from you in just 3 hours for $15 than any of my mentors I've paid $1,000's to in the past to set me on the RIGHT track!"

Neville Brits - Johannesburg

"We have made use of the Services offered by Landi and her company. During this time, she not only became an excellent advisor to our firm but also a friend who participated in various events and functions our firm hosted. On a personal level, we found Landi to be an amazingly gifted and talented business women who're always approachable and fun to work with. I will only use Landi and have referred her to numerous other business owners".

Jackie Bond - Manchester

"I was lucky enough to attend a presentation from Landi in Manchester .... Her knowledge of Social Media trends, online business possibilities, and her inspiring business knowledge really fascinated me, proud to be one of her students, hanging on every word then and since! Put lots into action which also worked for me too! This woman makes great modern business sense! You certainly taught this senior lots of new tricks! Never too old to change, or too young!"

Eric Lassard - Las Vegas

"You will get the best knowledge of what are the new trends and news in entrepreneurship because they travel around the world and personally collect information build connections knowing exactly the real situation and creating solutions for businesses based on "handpicked" information. They are the only couple in the world who spend every year at least 8 months traveling and working to bring the ultimate and true informations to their customers and members of their Circle."

Cornelius Boertjens - Auckland

"I had the pleasure of being part of Circle of Excellence for about two years and thus work with Mike directly. Over this period of time, Mike has been my life and business coach as one does not work without the other. I also attended several of his one and two-day training events which were all fantastic. During this period I saw my business grow from three to ten staff and revenue increase three-fold. One of the biggest insights I got from working with Mike is to play a bigger game"

George Walthus - Denver

"That was a very good event. I personally have seen nothing like it. You got to the core of the issues for people in the room and everyone got value. "

Jon Michail - Melbourne

"Thanks Mike for the robust and insightful mastermind, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Eye opening."

Angie Torres - Las Vegas

"Grateful for the opportunity to have a mastermind session with Mike Handcock and Landi Jac from Rock Your Life. They were so insightful, open and willing to share their knowledge."

Pece Gorgievski - Melbourne

"Wow that was simply one of the best events I have been to. Congratulations guys, what a cool format. The people in the room were awesome and the information shared was out of the box good."

Michael Angier - Tampa

Thanks SO much for including me in today's event. VERY valuable. It rocked it yesterday in Tampa. Inspiring, thought-provoking, cutting edge and highly relevant. Master Mind with them in upcoming Denver and Vegas meetings.

Val Dimov - Knysna

"I was fortunate to attend the event in the Garden Route. Not knowing what to expect exactly, I was intrigued by how this event was being presented. The event reminded me of some of the principles of Logotherapy as taught by the famous Victor Frankl, of which I relate to and use often. I learned some new techniques and was also gifted some new ideas to incorporate into my own little practice. I met some fascinating new people and learned to look at concepts from their perspectives. I would absolutely recommend each and everyone on this journey called Life, to join a Mastermind, even if only once in their lives."

Who is Mike Handcock?

Mike Handcock is one in 36 speakers out of over 55,000 globally to be awarded the Certified Speaking Professional Global Designation. As New Zealand Speaker of the Year 2011,2014, 2017 and again in 2018 Mike is not unused to awards. His background is full of them. From speaking awards to three extraordinary lives nominations, and even a mention by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic energies.

Mike is not only the owner of five businesses in Media, Education, Licensing, Events and Investments. He is on the board of three charitable trusts. Mike has a deep sense of ancient wisdom having travelled to over 100 countries and studied with experts in the field of alternative archaeology and esoterics.

He is the producer of the feature film ‘Dreamcatchers’ (2010). Previously a high level corporate senior manager with an annual budget of $250M, and someone who has personally done business in 50 countries with Business Leaders, Mike has a superior sense of culture, global issues, trends, business and undercurrents, which enables him to craft his books and talks full of relevant, current insights combined with superior divine storytelling.

Mike lives between Cape Town, South Africa and Greece with the love of his life Landi Jac. He enjoys travel, new cultures, food, a variety of sports and good friends. Mike Handcock is a Conscious Leadership Expert and award-winning speaker, with the Certified Speaking Professional Global Designation and New Zealand Speaker of the Year awards in 2011, 2014, 2017, and 2018.

He has a unique ability to combine current insights and superior divine storytelling in his talks and books, thanks to his previous experience as a high-level corporate executive and personal business dealings in 50 countries with Business Leaders.

Find out more about Mike Handcock and the influence he has made around the globe by following him on social media.

Sponsors behind the Business Mastermind Series

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